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        About Me:Let's see my name is Jennifer. I live in Fitchburg, MA. I'm 15 and I go to Monty Tech. Representing ELECTRONICS! I listen to any type of music besides country. My favorite top 3 bands are Incubus, Nickleback, and Taking Back Sunday. I work with grahpics sometimes. I can do Layouts, User Pages, Icons (sometimes), Banners, Color bars and more.

        My Layout:Everything Thats on my layout was made by me. So don't steal. Including the banner ;) Ask to use it.

        My Journal:Well, obviously you've read about me cause you've come this far down the page. My journal is friends Only. So if I sound Somewhat interesting comment and add me. Don't go in my journal to request a layout or anything like that or to bring stupid pointless drama. I have my own to deal with. My journal is so I can write about my life, etc. Go here if you want a layout:layout_zone

        My Layout:Email: XBoricuazShortiX@aol.com
AIM: o0Sparkelz14o0
My Community: layout_zone
Communities I Co-Mod: r0ckin__layouts